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K3bDevice::Device Class Reference

#include <k3bdevice.h>

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Detailed Description

The main class representing a device.

Devices are constructed by the DeviceManager.

Definition at line 42 of file k3bdevice.h.

Public Types

typedef int Handle

Public Member Functions

void addDeviceNode (const QString &)
bool automount () const
bool block (bool) const
const QString & blockDeviceName () const
int bufferSize () const
bool burner () const
bool burnfree () const
bool burnproof () const
QString busTargetLun () const
int cdMediaType () const
const QString & cdrdaoDriver () const
int cdTextCapable () const
void close () const
int copyrightProtectionSystemType () const
int currentProfile () const
int currentWriteSpeed () const
bool dao () const
const QString & description () const
int determineMaximalWriteSpeed () const
QValueList< int > determineSupportedWriteSpeeds () const
const QString & devicename () const
const QStringList & deviceNodes () const
K3b::Msf discSize () const
DiskInfo diskInfo () const
int dvdMediaType () const
bool dvdMinusTestwrite () const
bool eject () const
bool featureCurrent (unsigned int feature) const
const QString & genericDevice () const
int getDataMode (const K3b::Msf &sector) const
bool getFeature (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, unsigned int feature) const
int getIndex (unsigned long lba) const
bool getPerformance (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, unsigned int type, unsigned int dataType, unsigned int lba=0) const
int getTrackDataMode (const Track &track) const
Handle handle () const
bool indexScan (K3bDevice::Toc &toc) const
Interface interfaceType ()
bool isDVD () const
int isEmpty () const
bool isOpen () const
bool load () const
int maxReadSpeed () const
int maxWriteSpeed () const
bool mechanismStatus (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen) const
bool modeSelect (unsigned char *page, int pageLen, bool pf, bool sp) const
bool modeSense (unsigned char **pageData, int &pageLen, int page) const
const QString & mountDevice () const
const QString & mountPoint () const
int numSessions () const
bool open (bool write=false) const
bool read10 (unsigned char *data, int dataLen, unsigned long startAdress, unsigned int length, bool fua=false) const
bool read12 (unsigned char *data, int dataLen, unsigned long startAdress, unsigned long length, bool streaming=false, bool fua=false) const
int readBufferCapacity (long long &bufferLength, long long &bufferAvail) const
bool readCapacity (K3b::Msf &) const
bool readCd (unsigned char *data, int dataLen, int sectorType, bool dap, unsigned long startAdress, unsigned long length, bool sync, bool header, bool subHeader, bool userData, bool edcEcc, int c2, int subChannel) const
bool readCdMsf (unsigned char *data, int dataLen, int sectorType, bool dap, const K3b::Msf &startAdress, const K3b::Msf &endAdress, bool sync, bool header, bool subHeader, bool userData, bool edcEcc, int c2, int subChannel) const
CdText readCdText () const
bool readDiscInfo (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen) const
bool readDvdStructure (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, unsigned int format=0x0, unsigned int layer=0x0, unsigned long adress=0, unsigned int agid=0x0) const
bool readFormatCapacity (int wantedFormat, K3b::Msf &result, K3b::Msf *currentMax=0, int *currentMaxFormat=0) const
bool readIsrc (unsigned int track, QCString &isrc) const
void readIsrcMcn (Toc &toc) const
bool readMcn (QCString &mcn) const
bool readsDvd () const
bool readSectorsRaw (unsigned char *buf, int start, int count) const
bool readSubChannel (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, unsigned int subchannelParam, unsigned int trackNumber) const
Toc readToc () const
bool readTocPmaAtip (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, int format, bool time, int track) const
bool readTrackInformation (unsigned char **data, int &dataLen, int type, unsigned long value) const
K3b::Msf remainingSize () const
bool rewritable () const
int scsiBus () const
int scsiId () const
int scsiLun () const
bool searchIndex0 (unsigned long startSec, unsigned long endSec, long &pregapStart) const
bool seek (unsigned long lba) const
void setCdrdaoDriver (const QString &d)
void setCdTextCapability (bool)
void setCurrentWriteSpeed (int s)
void setMaxReadSpeed (int s)
void setMaxWriteSpeed (int s)
bool setSpeed (unsigned int readingSpeed, unsigned int writingSpeed, bool cav=false) const
int supportedProfiles () const
bool supportsFeature (unsigned int feature) const
bool supportsRawWriting () const
bool supportsWritingMode (WritingMode mode) const
bool testUnitReady () const
int type () const
const QString & vendor () const
const QString & version () const
bool writesCd () const
bool writesCdrw () const
bool writesDvd () const
bool writesDvdMinus () const
bool writesDvdPlus () const
int writingModes () const

Static Public Attributes

static const char * cdrdao_drivers []

Protected Member Functions

bool fixupToc (Toc &) const
bool furtherInit ()
bool readFormattedToc (Toc &, bool dvd=false) const
bool readRawToc (Toc &) const

Private Member Functions

void checkFeatures ()
void checkFor2AFeatures ()
void checkForAncientWriters ()
void checkForJustLink ()
void checkWritingModes ()
 Device (const QString &devname)
bool getSupportedWriteSpeedsVia2A (QValueList< int > &list, bool dvd) const
bool getSupportedWriteSpeedsViaGP (QValueList< int > &list, bool dvd) const
bool init (bool checkWritingModes=true)
int rawTocDataWithBcdValues (unsigned char *data, int dataLen) const
void searchIndexTransitions (long start, long end, K3bDevice::Track &track) const
void setMountDevice (const QString &)
void setMountPoint (const QString &)

Private Attributes

Private * d
bool m_automount
QString m_blockDevice
int m_bufferSize
int m_bus
QString m_cdrdaoDriver
int m_cdTextCapable
int m_currentWriteSpeed
QString m_description
bool m_dvdMinusTestwrite
QString m_genericDevice
int m_lun
int m_maxReadSpeed
int m_maxWriteSpeed
QString m_passDevice
int m_target
QString m_vendor
QString m_version
int m_writeModes


class DeviceManager


class  Private

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